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Lathom Fisheries, Burscough, September 2009

Posted 09-25-2009 at 11:47 AM by dave u

On my second visit to Lathom I fished on the pool immediately to the left of the car park. I think it's pool 1 but I'm not sure. Anyway, the bailiff told me that it had a good head of babrbel in there, and given that I'd never caught one before (other than the tiddler I bagged on my previous visit here) I thought I may as well give that one a shot.

I baited two swims close in with punched luncheon meat, one to my left and one to my right. I was going to start by using meat on the hook too, but I found some pop up boilies I'd bought a few weeks earlier, so decided to give them a little go first. After 15 minutes without any bites, I was about to switch to meat when I saw this huge mouth right by my feet. It was a ghost or koi, around the 10lb mark I'd guess. It was feeding on seeds that had blown into the water and gathered by the reeds in my swim.

I was fishing in the corner that the wind was blowing into, so there were a lot of seeds, and floating dog biscuits drifting across, and I soon noticed another two large carp also feeding on the floating offerings. I dropped a couple of pop ups in, and they were soon snapped up. I removed the bomb from my rig and free lined the pop up close in, but they weren't interested so I put the bomb back on, switched to meat and reverted to the original plan A.

It didn't take long to hook my first fish, and it was a barbel of about a pound. For the next couple of hours I was catching regularly, mostly barbel but with a few crucians and F1's mixed in. I'd read a lot about how hard barbel fight, but I was surprised at how strong they actually were, especially as they were only small ones.

I lost one fish that felt like it was a decent size, but it was probably a carp. Anyway, early in the afternoon I decided on a change of approach, and instead of fishing close in I cast out around 20 yards. Within a second or two of the bait settling on the bottom, the rod tip went round and I was into a barbel of around 2lb.

Another cast, another second or two and I was in again. In 10 casts I had 8 fish, and 2 missed bites, and the longest I had to wait was around 10 seconds. It was unbelievable. I'd been getting plenty of bites close in, but clearly the larger head of fish were further out as the action was instant, whereas I had to wait a little while for bites close in.

By the end of the day I'd pulled in 32 barbel, 2 crucians and 4 F1's. Nothing of any real size, but most of the fish were between 1-2lb with the biggest being around 3lb I'd guess.

I caught a few on soft halibut pellets, but the action was much slower on pellets and it was the meat that was really producing. I thought about giving corn a go to see if I could tempt a decent carp, but maybe I'll do that next time, when I plan to give pool 2 a crack and see if I can hook one of the big carp or barbel that can be found in there.
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